Guitar Center Singer Songwriter 4 Contest

Ross Thomas Guitar Center

Time once again for the GC Singer Songwriters Contest! It was great to have so much support last year, I am looking forward to the ride and support this year as well. I have posted 5 original songs on my contest channel and invite you to join me each day to view my videos through November 9, 2014.  5 videos = 5 points per day from each computer and mobile device that is used... So feel free to use as many devices you can find!!! That can add up quick! But I need your help to get this done and stay in the Top 10. Follow the link below, watch daily and then share with as many people you know... They will love being a part of our team! WATCH, SHARE AND REPEAT... It's like washing your hair... but not... Actually it's nothing like that, but I hope you remember now! Thanks for all your help and support.  Catch you at my Songwriters Channel.

Guitar Center Singer Songwriters 4 Contest - Ross Thomas


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